Hey There!

I’ve been thinking about blogging for quite some time now and I figured I might go crazy thinking about it if I didn’t just do it. (I tend to be one of those people who stay up late thinking about things until I can actually get them done or at least just write them down on paper.) So here it is.

My friends and I like to craft and hang in the kitchen so this blog is going to help me share all our experiences (success or fail). I’m also figuring out that I’m visually inspired (thank you Pinterest.com), so I thought it would be fun to share the things I find lovely, crazy and of course…inspiring.

I’m going to leave you with a little video I put together of our snow day from last week. My roomie miraculously got the day off from work so we bundled up and took a walk to one of our favorite places- Burger Up. We’re hoping for a repeat tomorrow :)

(if you haven’t downloaded the 8mm app for your iPhone yet you’re missing out)

Thanks for joining me!


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One response to “Hey There!

  1. Alene Edmonson

    How is everything coming along with the new house?
    I enjoyed your snow day video…….. <3 U

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