TGIF: Breaking the Winter Doldrums

Today I’m thankful for…

Family dinners.

I was feeling a bit ho-hum this week so I decided to smack it out with one of my favorite things- family dinners. I love cooking for my friends, so I made a veggie lasagna and had some people over. We set up my new flea market table (check it below!) in the living room and enjoyed a lovely time together. And then we watched Newsies :) Seize the day, my friends…Seize the day.

Fabulous flea market finds.

It may have been freezing last weekend, but my roommie and I HAVE to hit the flea market every month. And I found exactly what I wanted…even if I didn’t really know it at the time :)

I got this incredible table for $30! I’m still not sure if I’m going to paint it or leave it red.

Found these perfect knobs for my tea shelf- I’ll be showing you as soon as I get it hung up on the wall.

Finally, I found this lamp shade skeleton. One corner in our living room is super bare, so I’ve been dreaming up some ways to spice it up. This lamp shade is going to work perfectly. Again, I’ll be sharing that as soon as I get it all up.

Have a great weekend!!!


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3 responses to “TGIF: Breaking the Winter Doldrums

  1. Dani

    funny you should bring that up because that’s exactly what i’m doing :) i’ve got it all strung, i just need to hang it. good eye, my friend!

  2. You watched the Newsies without me? Sister, how could you?!

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