TGIF: Finding Joy in the Dreary

Today I’m thankful for…

Rainy afternoons

Yes, the rain ended up being terribly tragic for most of Nashville’s surrounding area, but I somehow actually enjoyed the light drizzle that hung over us yesterday afternoon. After a meeting, I headed down to Hillsboro Village, grabbed a honey latte from Fido and spent some wonderful time meandering the aisles of Bookman/Bookwoman. I even found Bird by Bird, a book I’ve been wanting to read for awhile. Anne Lamott is definitely a little crazy, but she’s also a great writer. I’m excited to get in her head about the writing process.

New opportunities

I recently found out that I was losing one of my major clients. I was a bit worried about drudging up some new work, but within a couple days, I already had two new projects lined up! God is good.



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