TGIF: Good Movies and Good Crafts

Today I’m thankful for…

Movies like 500 Days of Summer


Movies likes this restore my faith in storytelling. I can watch the split-screen of reality vs. expectations over and over again. (Seriously, I put it on repeat 3 or 4 times last night.) And every time I stick this in the DVD player, I leave wanting to create something as real and beautiful as what I just watched.


Craft nights with my girls

Once a month me and the girls get together and flex our crafting muscles. This month we doubled up with book page wreaths and dry erase boards made of picture frames. Love these girls and our times around the table.

{Photos by Nandi}

PS- I know Valentine’s Day is way over and we should probably be decorating with some shamrocks or leprechauns, but we can’t bring ourselves to take down all the hearts from our Ham Dinner. It’s just too pretty…


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