Secret Millionaire

Did you watch this last night? It WRECKED me.

Secret Millionaire follows millionaires who take a week out of their lives and move into an impoverished area to find people who are working to change that community’s circumstances.

The first episode sent a formerly homeless and now self-made millionaire into a Knoxville neighborhood. By just wandering around the area, she came across three organizations she volunteered at under the guise of someone in the community. After days of volunteering and connecting with the each organization, she revealed who she really was and gave LARGE and in charge donations.

Watching these community leader’s shocked and joyful faces will soften even the hardest of hearts. There wasn’t a dry eye in our house.

Sundays. 7:00 pm. Clear your schedule. DVR it. Whatever it takes. Make sure you catch this show.


I really want to meet these two sisters from Love Kitchen. They are toooo cute!



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2 responses to “Secret Millionaire

  1. Dani,
    LOVED the show last night!! I will definitely be watching the rest of the season!

    • Dani

      Yes! I’m so glad you’re watching it. Good to hear form you Tara! Hope everything is going well for you. Your little boy is growing up so fast!

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