DIY: Cake Stand

I bake a lot- mostly in the form of cookies…my ultimate weakness. But whenever I bake something, all I have to serve it on are colorful plastic plates. Classy, I know. So I decided it was time to make something pretty to accompany whatever chocolaty goodness I was working with. A cake stand was needed.

As usual, I headed down to Goodwill to see what I could find. I’ve seen some other DIY cake stands made of plates and candlestick holders so that’s what I had in mind as a perused the kitchenwares.

Then I found this magnificent plate.

The blue and white images reminded me of plates my grandma used to have. But when I got home and actually looked the plate over, I saw the back had a description of the main image. “John Wesley Preaching to the Indians.” Ha! My grandma definitely would have NEVER had that, but it made me laugh. There is no more fitting an image that I want brownies and cookies to rest on.

After looking at all the options for a stand, I ended up with a short, glass jar and was ready to go with my purchases that added up to a whopping $5. Love Goodwill.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • a plate
  • something to use as a stand
  • glue (I used tacky glue. Not sure if that’s the best option considering the other plate shown here was broken later that night..haha)

After giving your dishes a good wash and dry, all you need to do is put glue around the edge of your “stand” and stick it to the bottom of your plate. I turned the whole thing upside and put an old yearbook on top for some weight while it dried.

I let it sit like that for a few hours and it was ready!

Now let’s be real. I’m not going to go testing it’s hold and throwing it around in the air. Be gentle with it. Like anything beautiful…it’s fragile.


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