Pinterest is one of my most favorite sites right now. It’s a place where you can store and categorize images you’ve found online that you  want to keep around. Once you find an image you like, you “pin” it to a board you’ve created for cooking, style, photography…the possibilities are endless.

I wanted to share some of the pictures from one of my boards today. I called it “My Dream Life” and it’s filled with all the stuff that I would fill my life with in a perfect world.

I would have a cute little trailer for weekend getaways

I would build a fort at least once a week

I would wake up with hair like this

This is where I would spend my afternoons reading

I would be a tattooed, tank-wearing baker

You can see the rest of this pinboard here. And if you want to start your own Pinterest account, go here.

Yes, you will spend hours looking through images, but if you’re looking for inspiration, there’s no better place to be.


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