Heavy Food Hangover

There are those days that remind you of where you come from, what you’re made of and what you have to look forward to in the future. This past weekend was packed with four of those kind of days.

My extended family took to the mountains this past weekend for my uncle’s birthday. We ate, we talked, we played, we laughed. We heard old family stories from my Granddad that even my dad had never heard. It’s always a great time when all of us can come together.

And while I loved every second of our trip (and will be sharing more about it soon), I’m left with a heavy food hangover. Desperate to get back on track, I’m taking on a week of a completely fresh and energizing menu filled with smoothies.

I know some of you are skeptical of the green smoothie, but this one is delicious! The main ingredients in this are pear, kale and spinach, but when you add in the honey, frozen banana and almond milk, you’ll find that this frothy green substance absolutely doesn’t disappoint.

{Via With Style & Grace}

This next one still incorporates kale, but you’d never know with the overwhelming kick of whatever berry you add in.

{Via Cooking After Five}

Here’s to our health!


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