DIY: Goodwill Dress

I think you know by now my love for thrifting and DIY. Well, this weekend I joined both of my favorite pastimes in making my new summer staple…the DIY Dress.

I was browsing Goodwill looking for a dress I could try altering. I haven’t done altering before so I needed a really simple project to ease myself into. The sun must have been shining on me that day because I found the perfect one.

The tag said $7.99 and I was more than pleased with that price, but when I got the register I almost jumped back when the lady checking me out said, “That will be 99 cents.”


Frumpy? Yes. There was no shape to this dress when you put it on. Just a giant triangle.

Awkward length? Yes. It hit right between my knees and ankles.

But there was definite potential.

All I needed to do was shorten it, hem it and add a belt at the waist to create a shape.

I’m probably going to be wearing this ALL summer long. Bring on the sun!

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5 responses to “DIY: Goodwill Dress

  1. Cynthia

    Wow – amazing transformation! Very nice :)

  2. Love it! I mentioned you on the blog! :)

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  4. Eeek that’s so pretty! I’m always seeing dresses that I know would look great if revamped a little. I just wish I had the skills to do it! Lovely blog, glad I stumbled across it :) x

    • Dani

      thanks girl! it really doesn’t take too many skills. i barely know what i’m doing :) glad you dropped by.

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