Last Words of Robert Mintz

I’ve got some pretty talented friends and it’s great to see them working toward their dreams.

Right now, two of my good friends are working on their first short film, Last Words of Robert Mintz. I’m so excited to see this all happen for them and can’t wait to watch the final product.

This team of brothers is currently in the funding stage of their project and have set up an IndieGoGo page to reign in some help. You can watch a short teaser trailer that they put together (filmed in my living room! ) to get a feel of what the film will be all about.

If you like what you see and believe in their vision…maybe think about contributing. You can be a part of making a real movie and helping someone achieve their dreams.

For more information, check out their film page:

Or follow them on Twitter: @robertmintzfilm 

*I may be a bit biased because they’re my friends, but for reals…this looks awesome.

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