tgif: bring the heat

This week I’m thankful for…

the summer heat.

{Via OhMyLeftOvers}

I’m a warm-weather girl. I crave the heat of the sun and to feel it sink through my skin straight to my bones.

So maybe my hair gets even more frizzy than normal and I develop a slightly constant sweet summer sweat-It makes me feel alive.

Things happen during the summer. The sun stirs our inner child to seek a break from work. We get adventurous. Weekend road trips become a must. Mounds of ice cream are consumed on a regular basis. The days are longer and can fit in more time with friends over dinner. You acquire a new appreciation for the small things like the air conditioning of a movie theatre and the ice from Sonic. And of course…the beach.

For all of you bumming out that summer has come early here in Nashville, I’m sorry, but it makes me a VERY happy girl.

Are you ready for summer?

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