homemade granola

One of my favorite breakfasts I’ve ever had was at this place called Cheeky’s in Palm Springs. It was just a simple granola and yogurt. but the ratio of creamy vanilla to crunchy yogurt topped with fresh fruit was the perfect start to that day. Since then I’ve been making the same combo for breakfasts and afternoon snacks at home.

Yesterday I took on the task of making my very first granola for this light, breakfasty meal. I went off this recipe for basic granola from Tiny Urban Kitchen with a couple small changes.

I did half and half veg oil and apple sauce instead of full veg oil and agave nectar instead of honey (only because that’s just what I had). And of course, I added almonds because what is granola without almonds?

I didn’t think the granola was completely done after the 20 minutes in the oven so I broiled it for a few minutes. Just be careful…it can burn VERY quick (or so I learned with my first batch).

And it is delicious! I’ll definitely be putting in some extra add-ins next time. Cinnamon, pumpkin seeds…who knows!

*Marking one off my summer bucket list :)

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