tgif: dinner with the girls

There are some things on my summer bucket list that I can’t immediately cross off. Weekly family dinners are just one of those things I’ll have to be on the honor system for.

This week I had some of my girls over to watch So You Think You Can Dance and I cooked up a baked lemon pasta.

I followed this recipe from the mecca of all cooking, The Pioneer Woman. It was the perfect summery blend of lemon with the zest of freshly grated parmesan melting into the pasta. I’m hooked. This little dish has found its place in a regular rotation on my table.

I’ve been wanting to use the mint from my garden for awhile now, but hadn’t figured out what to do with it. So I used them in the simplest form I could, muddling a handful to infuse a blueberry pomegranate tea I mixed together.

I even brought out my fun glasses set from the flea market for the first time!

One friend brought homemade rosemary bread, another tossed a fresh salad and we satisfied our sweet tooth with a fresh fruit pie and homemade whip cream. We ate, we laughed and we watched some brilliant dancing. Here’s my favorite from the night…

Anyone else out there watching So You Think You Can Dance? Who is your favorite?


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