cinnamon scones

Yesterday during a sweet summer rain I sat outside on my porch swing reading for an hour. Best way to spend an afternoon? I think so.

The rain cooled the day off so much that I ended up feeling a little chilly with the breeze and decided to head to the kitchen for a little baking.

I know it was Bastille Day and I should have made a pain au chocolate or something more French-y, but I went the English route with scones. I found a simple cinnamon scone recipe from Itsy Bitsy Foodies and put on my apron.

The best part was I already had everything I needed! No trip to the grocery store for me.

I know it can be a pain sometimes, but I really like kneading dough…especially when I’m kneading in cinnamon and brown sugar.

I finally got to use my dough cutter! Was it necessary to buy one of these? Not really. I bought it with the vision of me baking bread all the time… and I thought it looked cool.

The smell while they were baking was intoxicating. Cinnamon makes me VERY happy.

I made some iced coffee to go with and sat down for the results show of So You Think You Can Dance. I’m excited to see the all stars on next week’s show.


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  1. Sounds amazing! I will have to try these for sure! :-)

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