fun with acorn squash

Last fall I promised myself that when the leaves began to change again I would try cooking and baking with all those beautifully colored veggies that accompany the season. The weather is finally changing here in Nashville so I felt like it was time to take my first adventure.

My roommate and I went to the East Nashville Farmer’s Market this week just to browse a bit. I wasn’t planning on getting anything, but when confronted with baskets upon heaping piles of pumpkins and squash I just had to give one a try. In the shopping bag went one dark green acorn squash along with two of the season’s last green tomatoes. (I heart fried green tomatoes).

When I got home I jumped on Pinterest to decide how to prepare this new veggie and landed on one, not-so-healthy decision. The picture I saw was a thinly sliced squash baked in butter and brown sugar. Say what?!?! The measurements of butter and brown sugar are way more than necessary for my liking. I probably didn’t even use half of what it called for for my four slices, but it was delicious! I will definitely being doing this a lot this fall and looking for more ways to prepare this savory snack.

ps- Sorry there’s no “end result” picture. I got so excited from the aroma wafting from the oven that I plated and devoured the squash before I realized I forget to snap a shot.

pss- Here’s the recipe from Bread and Honey if you want it for yourself.


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