the dilemma of greek yogurt

So, I’m not a big fan of greek yogurt.

But I keep hearing about all kinds of health benefits from the stuff so I keep trying to like it.

Flashback to Wednesday at the farmers market….

My roommate and I were drawn to a tent by some brightly colored straws. When we got closer, the sweet old man behind the table informed us that they were personal-sized flavored honey straws. “Just cut off the end and you’ve got yourself a sweet snack,” he said. His cuteness was too cute, so I grabbed 4 for $1- two raspberries, a blueberry and a regular.

Flash not so far back to yesterday…

I was staring into my cup of greek yogurt trying to figuring out how I could enjoy it when I remember my honey straw. I grabbed the two raspberry straws and squeezed them on in. They swirled around to make the yogurt a beautiful dark pink. I topped it off with some sliced almonds and all was good.

Do you like greek yogurt?

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