an iphone’s view of Treat Yo Self day

Sometimes you’ve just got to treat yo self…

Yesterday was officially Treat Yo Self 2011.

I’ve got some big things coming up in the not-so-distant future so I decided to take a day off from everything work related and do all the things I love.

It all started with coffee and reading the morning away at the shop around the corner. I put myself in a comfy chair by the window to enjoy the sun’s rays and lost for a bit.

I came home and baked to prepare for my matinee movie.

More on the contents of that little cloth napkin tomorrow…

Some friends have been talking about going to the movies alone- that just sounded CRAZY to me. Why would you go alone? But I decided to try it out. I saw Moneyball– great movie- and didn’t hate the solitary situation. I’ll do it agin.

After the movie I picked up another coffee at Fido and crossed the street to my favorite little used bookstore, Bookman/Bookwoman. Narrow isles…doubled shelved books… endless possibilities.

I’ve been reading a contemporary book about pop cultural and while I like it, I’m definitely ready to get into a classic again. Don Quixote and A Farewell to Arms here I come.

And a Treat Yo Self day wouldn’t be complete for me without crafting.

Just making some napkins for a booth my friend and I have at an upcoming craft fair…details to come!

I topped the whole day off with a great phone call from my newly pregnant friend and then booked plain tickets for New York!

Oh, Oct 18th. You were good to me.

What would you do for Treat Yo Self day?


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One response to “an iphone’s view of Treat Yo Self day

  1. That sounds amazing. I wish I had known it was Treat Yo Self day.

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