open studio: east nash

You’ve heard me talk about my friend Aimee before. She’s the one who made the lovely headbands I had the pleasure of modeling a couple months ago. Well, I’ve been blessed with another opportunity to partner with Aimee again over this holiday season.

For the past year Aimee has been gathering her friends for craft nights that she calls Open Studio. This Christmas, Aimee decided to give the profits of these nights to local non-profits and attract a wider audience by setting up multiple locations across Nashville…one of them being my house!

Aimee, Kelli (Aimee’s intern), Erin (the other hostess) and I have been working on samples of our craft for these nights and will post some pics soon. But until then you can read up on the non-profit my house has chosen to support with the profits of our Open Studio night on Aimee’s blog:

Details on the dates of each night, cost and statistical facts of how much fun you’ll have to come…

Let’s get crafty!

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