something new

Life is a funny thing. When you least expect it, it will throw you an incredible curve ball. The question is- will you take a swing or let it fly past you into the catcher’s mitt?

I’ve decided to take a swing.

As of today I’m stepping back into the life of 9-5er. I’ve loved my almost year and half in the freelance writing world. From the 4 hour work days to stressing over the bills, each little experience taught me a lesson and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

But when an opportunity to interview at a local marketing company fell into my lap a couple weeks ago, I figured “why not?” Always keep your options open. And when they offered me the job, I took a few days to think on the pros and cons. The pros eventually won out and here I am today.

As you read this I’ll be meeting my new co-workers and settling into a new way of life. One with the opportunity to be challenged in my craft and learn from others who have been doing it much longer than I have.

So cheers to life changes! I’ve already been through countless this year…but there’s still 2 months left. Who knows what else is to come.

Now…what to wear on my first day?


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