sometimes i wish i were french

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m French.

This happens by…

  • watching French films- Breathless, Amelie and The Illusionist are my favorites
  • singing along with Rufus Wainwright– even though I have no idea what I’m saying
  • trying to dress chic- doesn’t normally happen considering how much I love my sweatpants
  • eating meals consisting entirely of baguettes
And that’s just what I did the other night. I made my first ever homemade baguettes for a dinner party. The recipe made 4 loaves so I saved one for my roomies and I to enjoy over the next couple days.
I didn’t really feel like making dinner a few nights later so I cut off a chunk of baguette and stuck in under the broiler until its sides browned and the middle held a crispy crunch. Then, in true Francophile fashion, I topped the steaming bread with honey and my own little twist, shaved parmesan cheese.
Baguette recipe: Not Without Salt

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