surprising vintage luck

This week has been a thrifting/vintage treasure trove. I came home with two amazing pieces that I’m overjoyed to add to my closet.

The first one are these boots…

I mean really…how sassy are these? I got them at an amazing little shop in East Nashville called Goodbuy Girls. It’s run by two friends who love vintage and refashion. They restock their shelves every day so you never know what you’re going to find. And if you can’t tell by my purchase…they’re most famous for their walls of boots.

My other purchase came by quite a surprise. I was killing some time yesterday at Goodwill before meeting up with the rest of my family to meet my new baby cousin and found the most amazing blazer. I’ve been looking for a little boy’s blazer for a while now and saw this one on my second pass at a clothing rack.

Not only did it fit like a glove, I opened it up to see a Christian Dior label…

Now, I’m no expert. This could totally be a knock-off. But I was shocked. I had only heard tales of people finding designer label clothes that still rocked at Goodwill. I never thought it would happen to me…until today.

And for a little icing on my already delicious cake…it only $3.49.

Have you had any fabulous thrift finds recently?



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