an iphone’s view of a rachel-y weekend

My old college roomie, Rachel, came in town this weekend. We had a booth at a craft fair on Saturday so she came up early to get everything ready to go. Days of thrifting, crafting and reminiscing about the good ole days…

Food is always a big deal when company is in town. I want to take them to the places I love, but I also find something new to experience with them. The new place this time around was Sky Blue in East Nash. The old standbys where Marche and Silly Goose. So good!

We did a LOT of thrifting. It’s definitely a favorite of ours. The pattern on this sweater caught my eye out of a rack of terrible tops. Well…it actually might be considered a terrible top to some, but I do love it.

On Saturday we set up our little booth and sold our wares. For the past few years we’ve wanted to get a booth at a craft fair, mostly as an excuse to keep thrifting and crafting.

Hanging with Rachel was great, the weather was great…you could say it was a great weekend.


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