music ladies

A while ago I posted about how the bearded men of music were hitting that sonic void in my life.

Recently, I’ve been turning to the ladies for my background noise- which is almost always on.

Here are some of my current favorites…

Madi Diaz

Madi is a local Nashville artist that I heard about a couple years ago. She’s got a strong voice, beautifully heartbreaking lyrics and pretty awesome bangs.

“Johnny” has been on repeat for a solid week at this point.

But “Heavy Heart” might be an all time favorite.

Marketa Irglova

Remember the movie Once or the band The Swell Season? Well, the girl counterpart recently released her own solo album, Anar. I LOVED her meek voice accompanied with Glen Hansard’s boisterous yells, so I was eager to see how she would carry an entire album alone.

She does it quite well.

“Let Me Fall in Love” is my favorite so far.


And then of course there’s always Feist. We had to wait a while for a new album from her, but I think it was worth the wait. Metals is everything I love about her: poetic lyrics set to an orchestral soundtrack with more than a slight hint of quirk.

Here’s the opening track “The Bad In Each Other”


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