an iphone’s view: Christmas in New York

Once I knew I had a full-time job lined up for the beginning of next year, I had my heart set on taking a little trip to celebrate. Luckily, my roomie was already planning on a trip to NY so I just tagged along. Here’s a bit of what we did…

We ate and ate and ate and not one meal was subpar. We took in a lot of suggestions from friends and utilized yelp for a couple more. My favorite for overall food and experience was by far our first brunch spot, Freemans.

We had some adventures galavanting Central Park, meeting with old friends, discovering hidden gems and hitting up classic NY spots.

And oh, did we shop. Flea markets, antique shops, record stores, shoe stores… And I took my first trip to Madewell. It will not be my last.

But the real reason to travel north in December….the Christmas spirit.

So glad I finally got to see the glory that is New York at Christmas time. My feet may be aching from walking up and down Manhattan, but my heart is full of cheer.


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