Aurore de La Morinerie

It’s the most common of occurrences. I’m sure most don’t notice when it happens. For me, it’s only in the complete quiet that I feel it.

That turn in temperature when the wind momentarily picks up.

Subtle enough to leave the gathered brush undisturbed, but unexpected.

Sending a shiver through my body to continue the wakening process.

There’s a shift of old to new breath in that instant. For a brief second the chill freezes out my last thought and my mind is new. There is focus. There is an unmatched clarity.

The breeze rushes over my face and twists through my hair. And in the same instant it hit, it leaves with its early rising challenge hanging over my head.

It’s in the mornings I take notice of this breath as if it is God giving me a fresh start. With each cleansing wave I breathe deep in the promise of adventure. Of possibility. Of future.

I close my eyes and enjoy.


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One response to “Clarity

  1. Great poem. It seems like you have a way with describing abstract feelings that seem almost indescribable.

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