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an iphone’s view: Christmas in New York

Once I knew I had a full-time job lined up for the beginning of next year, I had my heart set on taking a little trip to celebrate. Luckily, my roomie was already planning on a trip to NY so I just tagged along. Here’s a bit of what we did…

We ate and ate and ate and not one meal was subpar. We took in a lot of suggestions from friends and utilized yelp for a couple more. My favorite for overall food and experience was by far our first brunch spot, Freemans.

We had some adventures galavanting Central Park, meeting with old friends, discovering hidden gems and hitting up classic NY spots.

And oh, did we shop. Flea markets, antique shops, record stores, shoe stores… And I took my first trip to Madewell. It will not be my last.

But the real reason to travel north in December….the Christmas spirit.

So glad I finally got to see the glory that is New York at Christmas time. My feet may be aching from walking up and down Manhattan, but my heart is full of cheer.

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an iphone’s view of a rachel-y weekend

My old college roomie, Rachel, came in town this weekend. We had a booth at a craft fair on Saturday so she came up early to get everything ready to go. Days of thrifting, crafting and reminiscing about the good ole days…

Food is always a big deal when company is in town. I want to take them to the places I love, but I also find something new to experience with them. The new place this time around was Sky Blue in East Nash. The old standbys where Marche and Silly Goose. So good!

We did a LOT of thrifting. It’s definitely a favorite of ours. The pattern on this sweater caught my eye out of a rack of terrible tops. Well…it actually might be considered a terrible top to some, but I do love it.

On Saturday we set up our little booth and sold our wares. For the past few years we’ve wanted to get a booth at a craft fair, mostly as an excuse to keep thrifting and crafting.

Hanging with Rachel was great, the weather was great…you could say it was a great weekend.

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an iphone’s view of Treat Yo Self day

Sometimes you’ve just got to treat yo self…

Yesterday was officially Treat Yo Self 2011.

I’ve got some big things coming up in the not-so-distant future so I decided to take a day off from everything work related and do all the things I love.

It all started with coffee and reading the morning away at the shop around the corner. I put myself in a comfy chair by the window to enjoy the sun’s rays and lost for a bit.

I came home and baked to prepare for my matinee movie.

More on the contents of that little cloth napkin tomorrow…

Some friends have been talking about going to the movies alone- that just sounded CRAZY to me. Why would you go alone? But I decided to try it out. I saw Moneyball– great movie- and didn’t hate the solitary situation. I’ll do it agin.

After the movie I picked up another coffee at Fido and crossed the street to my favorite little used bookstore, Bookman/Bookwoman. Narrow isles…doubled shelved books… endless possibilities.

I’ve been reading a contemporary book about pop cultural and while I like it, I’m definitely ready to get into a classic again. Don Quixote¬†and A Farewell to Arms here I come.

And a Treat Yo Self day wouldn’t be complete for me without crafting.

Just making some napkins for a booth my friend and I have at an upcoming craft fair…details to come!

I topped the whole day off with a great phone call from my newly pregnant friend and then booked plain tickets for New York!

Oh, Oct 18th. You were good to me.

What would you do for Treat Yo Self day?

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an iphone’s view of louisville

my old roomie and i had the BEST time in louisville this weekend. lots of eating, shopping and laughing…

we love you louisville!!!!

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an iphone’s view of the lake

This past weekend my parents and I headed east to my grandparent’s lake house in Missouri for some family time. We spent most of the long, hot days in the cool sunroom watching the boats and skiers skim across the water. Books were read, comfort food was eaten, and we laughed and told stories until the sun went down.


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an iphone’s view of Chicago

My first time in Chicago was jam packed with wedding activities and adventures. Here’s a little peek into last week…

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an iphone’s view of a long weekend

From my first try at crepes to the flea market, the pool and hanging with my family…it was a wonderful long weekend.

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