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diys to fill your thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means some quality downtime with the people you love. My family likes to spend our time doing giant puzzles of Time Square or watching epic movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

But I might try to introduce a little DIY project this year for me and my sisters. Here are a couple I’m thinking of…

the mandle…

Pinned Imagedesign love fest

how awesome is that? a traveling candle. just don’t set it on a surface without something to hold the heat. the metal of the case can transfer heat to whatever surface it’s on.

wool camera wrap…

Pinned Imagedesign sponge

Just find a wool sweater with a colorful pattern and you’ve got a great little wrap.

eraser stamp…

Pinned Imagepepa chapita

I made my own stamps out of erasers to use on price tags for our craft booth last Saturday. It was so easy and so fun.

Have you been working on any crafts?


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open studio details!

Remember when I told you about Open Studio? Well, the details are in! If you’re at all interested in taking part in the festive fun, Aimee posted everything you need to know on her blog,

Here are the quick details…

3 locations and 3 non-profits to benefit:

1.) Location – Aimee’s house in Franklin
Date/Time – Saturday, November 19th from 1 to 3pm.
Benefits – People Loving Nashville

2.) Location – Dani’s house in East Nashville
Date/Time – Sunday, November 20th from 4 to 6pm
Benefits – East Nashville Cooperative

3.) Location – Erin’s house in South Nashville
Date/Time – Tuesday, November 22nd from 7 to 9pm
Benefits – Global Support Mission, specifically Aimee’s trip to Uganda/Kenya with them in January

Cost: $20- includes all materials with the rest going to our non-profits

There is limited space, so if you’re interested let Aimee now you’re in, whose house you’ll be at and which wreath you’ll be creating at

Here are the different wreaths for you to choose from:

Hope to see you at one of our craft nights!

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open studio: east nash

You’ve heard me talk about my friend Aimee before. She’s the one who made the lovely headbands I had the pleasure of modeling a couple months ago. Well, I’ve been blessed with another opportunity to partner with Aimee again over this holiday season.

For the past year Aimee has been gathering her friends for craft nights that she calls Open Studio. This Christmas, Aimee decided to give the profits of these nights to local non-profits and attract a wider audience by setting up multiple locations across Nashville…one of them being my house!

Aimee, Kelli (Aimee’s intern), Erin (the other hostess) and I have been working on samples of our craft for these nights and will post some pics soon. But until then you can read up on the non-profit my house has chosen to support with the profits of our Open Studio night on Aimee’s blog:

Details on the dates of each night, cost and statistical facts of how much fun you’ll have to come…

Let’s get crafty!

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a much needed craft night

Last night the girls and I got together for a much needed craft night. With everyone catching on to Pinterest recently we’ve all been busting at the seems with new ideas to try out.

It’s hard for us to narrow it down to one craft so we all just brought what was on our minds and worked for a couple hours.

Some of the girls made striped t-shirt necklaces from the Sisters 4

Another friend stencil-painted a white ceramic tea set…

Another friend made a bracelet from hex nuts like this…

{via Honestly WTF}

And I worked on a napkin project involving stencils and a bleach pen…

I found the idea for this one in the Design*Sponge book. If you haven’t had a chance to look through this wonder, make sure it happens soon. So many great DIY projects and tips.

I’d say it was a pretty productive night…

Are you working on any crafts right now?

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diy roundup

I think it goes without saying that I love a good diy project. I’ve got so many fun ideas right now but just not enough time actually sit down and do them all.

Here’s a short list of some of the fun projects rustling through my brain:

origami paper lanterns

{via Frolic}

cloth sunglasses bag

{via Momstastic}

doily table runner

{via AshleyAnnPhotography}

lampshade lights

{via IntheFunLane}

What are some fun diy projects you’ve got going on?

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diy kitchen island part 1

Last month at the flea market I picked up an old dresser with every intention of turning it into a little kitchen island.

It was a sweet steal at $30.

But it’s been sitting in my sun room for a month now…completely untouched.

That’s all about to change.

I’ve got a few ideas involving chalkboard paint, a cutting board, wire racks and a LOT of sanding.

If you where taking this on, what fun add ons would you be thinking about?

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DIY: Goodwill Dress

I think you know by now my love for thrifting and DIY. Well, this weekend I joined both of my favorite pastimes in making my new summer staple…the DIY Dress.

I was browsing Goodwill looking for a dress I could try altering. I haven’t done altering before so I needed a really simple project to ease myself into. The sun must have been shining on me that day because I found the perfect one.

The tag said $7.99 and I was more than pleased with that price, but when I got the register I almost jumped back when the lady checking me out said, “That will be 99 cents.”


Frumpy? Yes. There was no shape to this dress when you put it on. Just a giant triangle.

Awkward length? Yes. It hit right between my knees and ankles.

But there was definite potential.

All I needed to do was shorten it, hem it and add a belt at the waist to create a shape.

I’m probably going to be wearing this ALL summer long. Bring on the sun!

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