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fun with acorn squash

Last fall I promised myself that when the leaves began to change again I would try cooking and baking with all those beautifully colored veggies that accompany the season. The weather is finally changing here in Nashville so I felt like it was time to take my first adventure.

My roommate and I went to the East Nashville Farmer’s Market this week just to browse a bit. I wasn’t planning on getting anything, but when confronted with baskets upon heaping piles of pumpkins and squash I just had to give one a try. In the shopping bag went one dark green acorn squash along with two of the season’s last green tomatoes. (I heart fried green tomatoes).

When I got home I jumped on Pinterest to decide how to prepare this new veggie and landed on one, not-so-healthy decision. The picture I saw was a thinly sliced squash baked in butter and brown sugar. Say what?!?! The measurements of butter and brown sugar are way more than necessary for my liking. I probably didn’t even use half of what it called for for my four slices, but it was delicious! I will definitely being doing this a lot this fall and looking for more ways to prepare this savory snack.

ps- Sorry there’s no “end result” picture. I got so excited from the aroma wafting from the oven that I plated and devoured the squash before I realized I forget to snap a shot.

pss- Here’s the recipe from Bread and Honey if you want it for yourself.


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12 South Farmers Market

It’s finally here! The 12 South Farmers Market opened up for the season yesterday. It’s a small neighborhood market but has a great selection of meats, produce, dairy and random fun like baked goods and coffee. And best of all…I can walk there :)

I didn’t get much on this first trip but I plan on stocking up on my fresh veggies there every week.

I did get a new basil plant and a chunk of aged cheddar from Kenny’s Farmhouse.

I can’t wait to figure out a fun way to use this cheese. It’s so delicious. And I’m dreaming about the caprese that will come from this fragrant basil all summer long.

In other news….

My bell peppers are sprouting!!!

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My Little Secret

I have to confess.

I’ve been keeping a little secret from you.

I did something last week.

Something permanent.

{Pic by Becka Edmonson}

Yep, I got another tattoo. The fabulous Timmy at Black13 did incredible detail work to make my quill look realistic. I highly recommend that shop if you are looking to get some new ink while in Nashville.


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TGIF: Productivity & Pictures

Today I’m thankful for…

Multi-layered productive afternoons

There’s not much better than sitting outside on the Crema patio with an iced Cuban and a good friend. We worked. We giggled. We got real. It was good for the soul and good for the to-do list.

Max Wanger Photography

I’ve been following Max Wanger’s photography for quite some time now. I love his use of soft hues and empty space. If you check out his blog, you can see more of his professional work. These are some pics from his Tumblr, OhMyLeftOvers, where he shares some of his unpublished and more personal photos.


What are you thankful for today?

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Mug shots

A few weeks ago, I was wondering around Pangea (one of my favorite shops in Nashville) and came across a book of celebrity mug shots. I’m not talking Paris Hilton and other recent celebs. I’m talking Hendrix, Bowie and Sinatra. There was even a really great section on historical mug shots. From assassins and war criminals to enemies of the state and O.J. Simpson…this book had it all. And I LOVED it. I flipped through every page of that book while my friend was shopping. If you’re at all interested, it’s called Mug Shots: An Archive of the Famous, Infamous, and Most Wanted.

Aside from their use of the oxford comma in the title, I highly suggest it.

More recently, I’ve stumbled upon some pretty stellar mugshots through a blog called Forrestbound. And more from the source have been popping up on Pinterest. Here are my favorites from the 1920s in Sydney.

{Images via Pinterest}

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Pedestrian Living

Saturday was the first day in months were I had nowhere to be. No plans, no one to meet…I had no idea what to do with myself and it was perfect. Luckily for me, it was also the first day in months we Nashvillians could walk outside and enjoy the sun without a parka on. So I did one of my favorite things- walk. I love being a pedestrian.

The crisp air, bright sun and 60 degree temps reminded me of my time in California this past year. I went there quite a few times on business and each time I HAD to hit up my favorite breakfast place in Venice, Flake.

If you are ever in that area you NEED to check out this cereal bar. Aside from their incredible cereal options, they also have awesome breakfast sandwiches and an almond milk option! Breakfast is my fave :)

I strolled a couple blocks east to Frothy Monkey for some tea- their fruit tea is splendid. As I rounded the corner to head back home I┬ádecided that I hadn’t gotten enough vitamin D so I kept walking until I found myself at Local Honey, a vintage and local designer boutique. And it just so happened to be the grand opening at their new location on Belmont. Ladies and gentlemen, do yourself a favor and head their to way to meet all your vintage needs. Loves.

I ended my sunny day with the inaugural voyage on our front porch swing with Jane Eyre.

I hope you enjoyed your sunny weekend like I did.

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Hey There!

I’ve been thinking about blogging for quite some time now and I figured I might go crazy thinking about it if I didn’t just do it. (I tend to be one of those people who stay up late thinking about things until I can actually get them done or at least just write them down on paper.) So here it is.

My friends and I like to craft and hang in the kitchen so this blog is going to help me share all our experiences (success or fail). I’m also figuring out that I’m visually inspired (thank you, so I thought it would be fun to share the things I find lovely, crazy and of course…inspiring.

I’m going to leave you with a little video I put together of our snow day from last week. My roomie miraculously got the day off from work so we bundled up and took a walk to one of our favorite places- Burger Up. We’re hoping for a repeat tomorrow :)

(if you haven’t downloaded the 8mm app for your iPhone yet you’re missing out)

Thanks for joining me!

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