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four walls

I’ve watched these walls,
Waiting for change,
But walls don’t move.

I’ve been in this room,
Corner to corner,
One the same as the next.

I stared into space,
And saw only in black and white.
I lost all sense of color and depth.

I boxed myself in,
Sitting until my brain turned dull,
Nothing original. Nothing new.

If only I remembered the challenge.
If only I could find the door.

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keep stepping

There’s another world,
Where limits don’t mean ends,
But permission to push.

A place of magic.
A disappearing act of inhibitions,
Above shaking nerves.

Another level of daring.
A confidence,
A fearlessness,
A courage beyond common stretch.

A promised land to search for,
But never to settle in.

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how to kill a dream

Keep your dreams somewhere safe,
Hidden lock and key,
Away from possibilities and accountabilities.

Sweep them under couches and beds,
Shoved behind lost shoes,
To be covered in dust.

Put them in corners,
Faced away from the moving world.
The light of their face pushed against the wall.

Bury them deep inside you.
Forever between your heart and tongue,
Stuck in your throat.

Beneath the fear.
Beneath the unknown.
Alone and unheard.

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the ache

When the heart aches and you don’t know why,
Take inventory.

Am I hurt?
Am I fearful?
Am I longing?

Still no answer,
And the ache turns to anxiousness.

The heaviness in your chest,
The constant reminder to keep searching.

Sometimes revealing itself.
Sometimes laying in wait.

The ache is for a reason.
To push,
To teach,
To prepare.

So wait in the ache,
Testing your ambitions.

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eyes on the prize

Walk your path,
The road familiar,
Never swaying side to side.

Keep your eyes on the narrow,
The thin line ahead,
Unfazed by ones passing you by.

Make your choice.
Hold your ground.
Let nothing get in your way.

But don’t forget,
Chin up my friend,
Or it won’t be worth a thing.

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