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DIY: Bunting

If you and a roommate are looking for a 2-bedroom house or apartment, the trick is to find a really awesome 1-bedroom place with a big dining room you can turn into another bedroom. My roommate and I have done this in two different houses and it works so great (plus the rent is much cheaper).

In our first place, I got the actual bedroom so with this move I took the dining room.

Con- no closet…Pro- I get a fireplace in my bedroom.

{Pardon my soup cup from the Turnip Truck- delicious!!!}

As you can see, it’s a bit dulls-ville with the colors so I’ve been thinking about how to add some color therapy. The obvious answer for me was bunting. I heart bunting.

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So I pulled out my fabric bag (it’s basically a trash bag full of spare fabric- I need storage solutions) and brainstormed. I cut out some different-sized circles and sewed them onto a string of yarn. But it wasn’t enough yet. I wanted to add some kind of 3-d element to it. And then it came to me…mustaches.

I admit…I’m on this weird mustache craze. I think they’re funny and love all the ways people have been playing with them. Am I the only one?

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But then I realized how weird that would be to have a string of mustaches hanging from my fireplace, so I thought, “What’s the next best thing to a mustache?” Well, a bow tie of course!

I cut out smaller circles of fabric, folded them into 3 flaps and then sewed them onto my other circles.

Bunting is the easiest and cheapest way I can think of to add a little something-something to a dull space. Does anyone else loving bunting like I do?

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