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Pedestrian Living

Saturday was the first day in months were I had nowhere to be. No plans, no one to meet…I had no idea what to do with myself and it was perfect. Luckily for me, it was also the first day in months we Nashvillians could walk outside and enjoy the sun without a parka on. So I did one of my favorite things- walk. I love being a pedestrian.

The crisp air, bright sun and 60 degree temps reminded me of my time in California this past year. I went there quite a few times on business and each time I HAD to hit up my favorite breakfast place in Venice, Flake.

If you are ever in that area you NEED to check out this cereal bar. Aside from their incredible cereal options, they also have awesome breakfast sandwiches and an almond milk option! Breakfast is my fave :)

I strolled a couple blocks east to Frothy Monkey for some tea- their fruit tea is splendid. As I rounded the corner to head back home I┬ádecided that I hadn’t gotten enough vitamin D so I kept walking until I found myself at Local Honey, a vintage and local designer boutique. And it just so happened to be the grand opening at their new location on Belmont. Ladies and gentlemen, do yourself a favor and head their to way to meet all your vintage needs. Loves.

I ended my sunny day with the inaugural voyage on our front porch swing with Jane Eyre.

I hope you enjoyed your sunny weekend like I did.


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