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Mug shots

A few weeks ago, I was wondering around Pangea (one of my favorite shops in Nashville) and came across a book of celebrity mug shots. I’m not talking Paris Hilton and other recent celebs. I’m talking Hendrix, Bowie and Sinatra. There was even a really great section on historical mug shots. From assassins and war criminals to enemies of the state and O.J. Simpson…this book had it all. And I LOVED it. I flipped through every page of that book while my friend was shopping. If you’re at all interested, it’s called Mug Shots: An Archive of the Famous, Infamous, and Most Wanted.

Aside from their use of the oxford comma in the title, I highly suggest it.

More recently, I’ve stumbled upon some pretty stellar mugshots through a blog called Forrestbound. And more from the source have been popping up on Pinterest. Here are my favorites from the 1920s in Sydney.

{Images via Pinterest}

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