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Today I want to share some of great musicians that’s been keeping me calm, helping me focus on work and has me humming long after I’ve turned off the speakers. And they both just happen to have some fabulous facial hair.

William Fitzsimmons

{Via Paste Magazine}

This man melts me heart. While his songs are mostly tragic stories, the melodies and his comforting voice make you believe you’re listening to lullabies. His latest album, Gold in the Shadows, has a more positive tone but hasn’t strayed a bit from Fitzsimmons’ beautiful storytelling abilities.

With nothing but a guitar in an empty room, he still has a captivating presence. Here’s a video of him singing “Beautiful Girl.”

Bon Iver

{Via Paste Magazine}

I mean really. This guy. Who doesn’t love this guy? Justin Vernon is quirky, talented and has an AmAzIng falsetto. I’ve had a sneak peak at his upcoming album, Bon Iver, and I can’t stop listening! And I’m beyond excited to see him at the Ryman in July.

He was on Jimmy Fallon this week and covered one of my all time favorite songs, Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

What have you been listening to?

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