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the present of a past

Pale and thin faced,
Barely recognized as the boy from school.

He was once affectionate.
Pulled you in close,
Holding you tighter,
A second longer than you expected.

He once looked in your eyes.
Intently seeing hope,
Stirring your depths,
Until you yourself were in action.

As I embraced him that night,
I knew he was gone.

No pressure of his squeeze,
No hand on my back.

No innate joy in his voice,
No gap-toothed giggle.

No love in his eyes,
No hope in reality.

Just in a whiskey daze.
In his world of safety.

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on my own

If it wasn’t for you,
My feet would never touch the floor.

Wrapped in sheets and lost in dreams,
Isolated and desolate.

Unaware of the battle and ignorant by fault,
Haunted and hunted.

Wandering without light and building in the sand,
Broken and defeated.

Hear this thankful heart.

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