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an iphone’s view of a festive fall weekend

Last weekend I spent as much time as possible outside enjoying this amazing weather Nashville brought around.

Friday night was spent carving pumpkins at Alyssa‘s house.

Yes. I carved Pee Wee Herman’s face onto my tiny white pumpkin. My family is mildly obsessed with Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

This year’s line up included The Beast, Kanye West, imprisoned Pac Man, Snow White and Michael Jackson in Thriller. My friends are pretty skilled when it comes to pumpkin carving.

Saturday started off with a wonderful trip to the flea market. Little did we know that the October market is apparently the place to be. We might have waited in traffic for 30 minutes to park, but it was TOTALLY worth. Among the smaller trinkets of enamel pans, mason jars and Christmasy decor, we came across a porch swing for $15! Ridiculous.

There’s definitely a catch…one of the arms was broken in half. DIY on that to come.

The rest of Saturday was spent prepping for a dinner party. We loved having everyone over for our housewarming party when we first moved in, but felt that we didn’t really get to know a lot of the people who came through the door. Our new mission is to host smaller dinners so we can really hang out with each other’s friends.

I took on the first menu- butternut squash soup, homemade baguettes, salad and tiny pumpkin donut holes with homemade whip cream for dessert. I love my butternut squash soup, but I have to say that the donuts kind of stole the show…in my opinion at least.

Have you been enjoying the fall as much as I have?

pumpkin donut recipe: blue eyed bakers

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