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Double Decker Vacation Home

I recently came across one of the most ambitious DIY projects I’ve ever heard of. A girl in Australia is completely renovating a 1970s double decker bus! She’s put a blog together called Double Decker Days where she logs her daily work on this beast of project.

Double Decker Bus

Crystal Thomas is a self-proclaimed interiors addict. She bought this bus off eBay after years of trying to find new ways to create a unique and personal environment. Her dream is to get this bus on some beautiful land in Victoria, Australia for a sweet vacation home.

Right now, her crew includes her multiple younger siblings, parents and friends. She hopes to have her new weekender home ready by the end of this year.

She’s tackled moss, removed paint off aluminum, stripped carpet and dealt with old kitchenettes.

Even though I have zero experience renovating, I would absolutely ADORE getting myself into this kind of mess. My hat is off to you, Crystal Thomas.

You can keep up with her progress here at: Double Decker Days.

*All images are found on DoubleDeckerDays.com

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